About me


My name is Therese Marianne Wihlney, I currently live just outside Gothenburg, Sweden with my husband and our cat Glitch. I have a strong love for the English language, roleplaying games, Swedish folklore, and of course - art.

My love affair with art has been a rollercoaster for as long as I can remember. When I was a child, I swore I would never become an artist but then I ended up studying art anyway. Now I dedicate my time to building up my career as a freelance artist.


Current/Past Customers

Contact and Commissions

I try to respond to messages within 3-4 business days. Commissions starts at $30+ for heraldry designs and $50+ for character designs

What is art?

For me, art is storytelling without words. A way of expressing yourself, your ideas and dreams through a medium others can enjoy and take pleasure from. Which is why I do a lot of commissions for creative communities, there is nothing quite like drawing something based of my own interpretation of someone else's story. Once completed, the drawing then comes to life in another person's imaginary world and evolves from there to a new story for others to enjoy.

My love for collaborative storytelling originates from my childhood. I grew up on an isolated peninsula in the heart of Sweden's second largest city. There, me and my friends spent our days making up stories as we played outside. Usually among the bushes, woods, mountains, abandoned houses, closed down docks and old wooden houses.


Thank you for contacting me, I will response to your inquest as soon as possible.